September 2013 RTW

And here I thought my last RTW was the last. Here is what is planned so far!

Off to EWR on one of Air Canada’s last E175 flights:
Embraer take-off

Then off on United’s Business First service to Frankfurt in the longest of 767s:
United Airlines Boeing 767-400; N69059@FRA;16.07.2011/609dy

Overnight in Heppenheim, then onto Helsinki via Stockholm in the shortest of 737s:
SAS Boeing 737-600 LN-RRR

A day in lovely Stockholm and then a late night flight to Helsinki in the oddest of Boeings:
Blue 1 Boeing 717-23S; OH-BLJ@ZRH;28.07.2011/611ab

A wonderful weekend in Helsinki, then back on a Boeing 717 to København:
Blue 1 Boeing 717-2CM; OH-BLH@ZRH;06.07.2013/713cn

Very quickly, I am then off to Hamburg on the longest of Bombardiers:
Scandinavian Airlines Canadair CRJ-900; OY-KFC@DUS;13.10.2009/558cn

A good couple of days in the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg, off to Oslo on Norwegian Air Shuttle:
Norwegian Air Shuttle Boeing 737-8JP; LN-DYC@CPH;03.06.2010/574he

Not too long in Oslo (so expensive!), but off on the Mega-Do up to Bodø on our chartered MD-80!

We end up after a couple days back in København where I make my way rather quickly to München on a couple of these (via Düsseldorf):

Some blurry bits occur.

Then off to Frankfurt-Flughafen:
ICE 3 - Geislinger Steige

And back in the pointy end to Bangkok:

After a few hours at Suvarnabhumi off to Haneda:
Thai Airways Boeing 747-400; HS-TGT@SYD;30.07.2012/665dz

The next day, after some spotting, off to Osaka-Itami:
JAL (oneworld) Boeing 777-200 JA771A

Then some days poking about, including some of this:

JR West's 223 series

Timing departure

Finally, on my way home(-ish) via:
JAL Express Boeing 737-800 JA302J

A couple of days in Tokyo bracketed by these:
Friendly Airport Limousine Bus

Then finally:
ANA Boeing 777-300ER JA788A

Air Canada Embraer E190 C-FHKP

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