When a place you enjoy lets you down

dump-russia-vodkaSo my regular bar on Church Street, Pegasus On Church, decided to bring back Stoli. When I asked why they decided to stop boycotting, they said, amongst other things: “well it isn’t Russian.” and “it doesn’t matter.”


If Stoli is now a Luxembourgian Vodka, then Аэрофло́т is a Bermudian airline: most all their jets are registered in Bermuda, so it has to be, right!?

For a gay bar not be willing to support this boycott says to me: I don’t care about the rest of the world, we are good here.

What an utter bit of garbage that is.

How do the gay men who own this bar think they got to where they are today? Do they not remember the fights, the struggles, the blood, to get to where we are today? They own a bath house FFS. Do they not know or care the struggle gay men such as George Hislop, Brent Hawkes and countless others that allow them to run their businesses—let along live their lives—openly and in peace?

Do they not read or watch the news?

That they cannot even bother to do the smallest thing—not sell Russian Vodka—is sadly telling to what the bar, it’s management, and owners think of the Community they are purport to be a part of.

I don’t need to support them, and I suggest you don’t either.

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