#RTW2013: Day 1, Flight 1

[dropcap]A[/dropcap]fter a rather awful sleep, up to get on the TTC to get to Terminal 1. I will so be glad when the train is up an running. Nonetheless an hour later I am dropped off in the bowls of T1 at Toronto-Pearson.

Bag drop and doc check is super quick and super friendly, with no line. Bags and boarding passes all the way to Frankfurt.

This is how an alliance is supposed to work together!
This is how an alliance is supposed to work together!

No line as well at customs and immigration—they have really made a good amount of room for Global Entry.

2013-09-11 11.22.29 HDR
View from the Plaza Premium lounge

Security, on the other hand. Never knew it took that long to screen 6 people *rolls eyes* Nonetheless, I am though. Skipped the AC Lounge (no views) and went right to the Plaza Premium lounge. They have views!

And plonk.

And an OK butter chicken.

If you have access, I consider it the better choice of the two lounges on the US side of T-1. In any case, off to get my flight. My second flight by Sky Regional.


AC7472 operated by Sky Regional Airlines

[dropcap]P[/dropcap]retty easy to board these E175s, and I like the seats up front (1×2). Crew is young, feels inexperienced, but friendly. We board on-time, and push back on-time. I don’t belive this. EWR. On time?

Oh, we seem to be taxing around aimlessly. And around. And around. To the deice pad. OK, 20 minute wait for our wheels up? This seat is comfy enough.

Runway 5/23 seems to be closed, as we took off to the north on 33R.



Once we got above 8,000 ft and the haze, it smoothed out. Feeling tired, I grabbed a diet coke and a couple items from the snack basket.

2013-09-11 13.29.42 HDRSpeaking of which, the last time I flew this route in J I got a small meal. Does that still happen, or is that only on mainline? No biggie, as the snacks were more than enough for the short flight.

Bumpy down, and hazy. No views of Manhattan today, even though I was on the ‘correct’ side. One of the rougher landings I have been in in awhile, but we stayed well on the runway, and got to the gate quickly. A good thing with AC using Terminal A.

The only good reason. Given that UA is no longer in the concourse, there is no more bus airside. To the sun room, um, AirTrain, to see if PreCheck will work for me…

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